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headless browsertests: browser console output
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For the headless (i.e. non-saucelabs) browsertests: Is there a way to assert the absence of certain classes of output in the browser console or a way to log the console output? This may be related to T118179: headless browsertests: assert absence of or log network errors. Currently it is hard to know what may have caused a failure that is not immediately reproducible. Example of classes of output that might be interesting is warnings or worse for Net, CSS, JS, Security, Logging tabs in the firefox. For window.console also the info and log level might interesting.

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If there is no webriver solution (i.e. one that ask the browser with chrome level access) maybe use a solution that works inside the website, like mw.trackSubscribe( 'global.error', function ( topic, err ) {....

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Unlikely to ever be resolved because of T139740: Port Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js.