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Extra empty paragraphs in previously-saved translations
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Ok, this is a weird one. I have a couple open translations in various stages of completion. Today I realised, that something strange happened to some of them. For instance I'm translating WP:MoS from to my user space @ (namely, but I didn't save yet). I stopped looking at it for a couple of weeks and returned to the job only today.

I had the lede (the first five paragraphs) ready, with the text in Polish nicely shown on the right and the original text on the left. However, now the first paragraph of my translation is shown next to where the "Article titles, headings, and sections" heading is in the original text instead. Also, I translated the entire sub-section on "Article titles", yet it got moved to the very end, way below the end of the original document.

Shorter translation projects or those started only yesterday seem to work fine.

Windows 7x64, Firefox (42.0).

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A couple of screenies to make the issue easier to understand. The first shows the top of the translation, as if the text on the left was not translated and was ready to be copied over. The second shows the end of the lead, where the translated text starts.

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This kind of issues are expected to be solved with the new version of Content translation, where a more solid saving/restoring mechanism is in place. Please, feel free to test the new version and report any issues you may find.