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[AG] [Task] Support new licenses
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The new version of the tool should support a bunch of new licenses and ported versions of the licenses.

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I'm not 100% sure I did the right thing here. In one document[1] there is a list of supported licences which are now all supported with the latest patch. However, in the list of all ported licences[2] there are a bunch of licences that don't appear in the original list e.g. CC BY-SA 1.0 or CC BY 2.1.
So far I only added ported versions of licences that appeared in the original list of supported licences.


@KasiaWMDE something to answer for you

After clarification with the Project Manager: the ported licences that don't appear in the original list can be ignored until clarified with a lawyer (for now they are not part of release 2.0.). Thanks for your vigilant eye!

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