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Get ThatAndromeda set up on Wikimedia Labs
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@coren and @Andrew . We need to set up a labs instance for getting our contractor @ThatAndromeda on labs to build T102048 . How can we get that process started? What information do we need to get? Who would be the best person to jumpstart this? cc:@Ocaasi

Unless the proposed service has unusual network or storage requirements, this can probably just be a standard tools project. Essentially everything there is self-serve.

Various people are generally available in the Cloud-Services channel to provide live support. Feel free to re-open this ticket if I've misunderstood the request.

@ThatAndromeda, do you have any questions about the instructions at getting on to labs? If you ping the irc channel Cloud-Services, it should help.

@Andrew, this platform does need its own Instance, so i believe it's outside of the Tool Labs process, no?

We're getting ThatAndromeda set up to create The Wikipedia Library's Digital Library Card Platform:

Thanks, Jake

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