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Update an outdated Phabricator video screencast in our on-wiki documentation: "Using Maniphest's advanced search"
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In Google-Code-in-2014 students provided some great video tutorials on how to use our (at that time new) Phabricator issue tracking system.
These video tutorials are and were linked on and its subpages.
As the user interface and functionality of Phabricator changed over the last months some of these videos became outdated (=the shown steps suddenly became wrong).

  • Read the instructions how to create videos from last year's GCI at (please ignore the outdated "List of screencasts" section on that page).
  • Watch the old version of the video (linked below) that you would like to update.
  • Perform the steps shown in the video yourself in your browser and notice what has changed.
  • Also read the related written documentation about the area that the video covers.
  • Create an updated version of the video with corrected steps.
  • Once your corrected version is "perfect", upload that video on Wikimedia Commons and replace the previous version (via the "Upload a new version of this file" option).
  • Edit (or the corresponding wikipage where the video should be embedded) to show/embed that updated video again (for example, the link to some outdated videos was removed in ). Use MediaWiki's "Preview" button to see if your edit is correct before saving.

The video to update is: