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Make AQS return 0 instead of no values {slug}
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When an article has no views for a given date, the API returns no data for that day.
This results in incomplete timeseries (with holes) which is very inconvenient for charting in js.

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This needs careful consideration, what do we do in the following cases?

  • a project with pageviews every other day. Do "empty" days return zero?
  • querying for a non-existing project?
  • querying for a data rage we do not have because we are 2 days behind. Do we feel two days with zeros?
  • querying for a data range we do not have in the past (before we have any data)
  • querying for a data range further in feature.
  • asking for access type that doesn't exist like "tablet"


must find a way to differentiate between true 404 results and true 0 count results

The 404 comes from T102725.

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