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SVG rendering problem with pattern
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As User:Perhelion seems to insist that this is not problem T20463 I hope you figure out the exact problem from the sample provided here:

It renders fine in Firefox and Inkscape. It renders fine with librsvg if the patterns are removed.

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@Aklapper: I don't understand what you want from me. To answer your questions (– which seems kinda silly): I already provided a link with a file in SVG format that is displayed incorrectly. You follow the link and use your eyes – obvious problem there. In case you're unsure, compare with rasterization from another SVG renderer like Firefox or Inkscape or whatever.
You were obviously able to do all that. So why do you ask?

@Frysch: Ah, did you want to express that the PNG format thumbnails of the SVG file look incorrectly?
I was asking for an example of a file in SVG format that is displayed incorrectly in SVG format because that's how I interpreted the initial report here. But my interpretation might be wrong? (Hence I was trying to ask what the expected results and what the actual results were, with clear links for each of them.)

@Frysch: Can you please reply to my last comment?

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This has been fixed by the recent update of librsvg on the image scalers to 2.40.16, The rendered PNG version (e.g. is now identical to what e.g. Firefox renders of the SVG file.