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Upgrade Nodepool to 0.1.1-wmf4
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I crafted a new Nodepool package that cherry picks a couple patches I proposed upstream. The aim is to fix:

T111377: nodepool can't update images

T113359: Nodepool delay instance deletions by one minute

The patch for the Debian package is

And I pushed the resulting .deb to

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I need some basic review to be done for the patch that changes the delete deletion. I haven't tested it all.

So stalling this page until got some love.

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The upstream patch on received review and PS2 is fine (other patchsets are just rebases).

I have refreshed the 0.1.1-wmf4 patch

The refreshed package is at or:

scp -r rutherfordium.eqiad.wmnet:/home/hashar/public_html/debs/nodepool_0.1.1-wmf4 .

Scheduled for Monday March 07 at 20:00–21:00 UTC with @Andrew

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