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My Watchlist is not working. I do not see any changes listed when changes are taking place
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Author: tkjazzer


My watchlist used to work. Now, it no longer does. I click, my watchlist and
nothing is listed even though there have been changes in the 7 pages I have on
my watchlist. It's odd how absolutely nothing is listed. I have to go to
expanded watchlist and click on every page's history individually to see if
there has been a change.

What is up with this bug? I know other people don't suffer from it (however, I
finally found another person who has the same problem as me).

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Mac OS X 10.4
Platform: Macintosh



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Go to Special:Preferences. What are the watchlist settings at?

tkjazzer wrote:

it was at zero for number of days to show in watchlist. I changed that to 7.
However, it still does not show my watchlist. It is funny how it previously worked.

tkjazzer wrote:

nothing else is checked.

Can you give me your watchlist?

I'll need somewhat to duplicate the bug first.

ayg wrote:

Please give your account name on the English Wikipedia (where the issue occurs,
I take it) so a sysadmin can look into it directly.

tkjazzer wrote:

This is still not working. Any news?

Set "Number of edits to show in expanded watchlist:" to something other than
blank in your preferences?

User:Dars faced the same problem in recently. "Number of edits to show in expanded watchlist" and number of days to show appeared to be zero. Though he swears that changed nothing in his preferences. Can it be some bug or more likely to be accidental change from user side?