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Block messages are being populated from translatewiki even if a local version exists
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We have a local copy of this message on trwiki but the translatewiki version is being displayed on Special:Block.

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Confirmed as MessageCache related issue:

mwscript eval.php trwiki
> echo wfMessage( 'ipbreason-dropdown' )->inContentLanguage()->plain();
*Genel engelleme nedenleri
** Yanlış bilgi eklemek
** Sayfalardan içeriği çıkarmak
** Dış sitelere spam bağlantı vermek
** Sayfalara mantıksız/anlaşılmaz sözler eklemek
** Tehditvari davranış/Taciz
** Birden fazla hesabı kötüye kullanmak
** Kabul edilemez kullanıcı adı

The page has not been edited recently:

Potentially an issue with Turkish ucfirst. For example, manually constructing url such as goes to different page.

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Is there any chance we can disable caching for a particular page? This issue is blocking trwiki now.

Ah, right. Core interfaces message are keyed in English, not content language. So we'd need to use plain ucfirst() instead.

Except for custom messages used via gadgets and int, it might be different. Since MediaWiki does by default redirect page titles to content language ucfirst, not English. E.g. (English lowercase "i") renders for (Turkish uppercase I).

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Moving the page to MediaWiki:İpbreason-dropdown solved the issue. Thanks.

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Code was not changed, hence this can't be "Resolved".

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A code fix has been proposed, hence this can't be "Declined".

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A code fix has been proposed, hence this can't be "Declined".

@Nikerabbit: Where to find that code fix (if you remember)? (And what does that mean for the status and priority of this open task?)

A way to fix this issue was mentioned in a comment: "Use English ucfirst() in NS_MEDIAWIKI instead of content language ucfirst". The other option is just document this (where?) as expected behavior.