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Allow the use of "reversed" parameter on organized lists (ol) html tag
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I tried to create a reversed list, as HTML5 allows, but could only create a normal list. This made me very sad, because my list of created articles on my user page needs to be organized manually, and I want to automate the numeration. Can you please add "reversed" to the whitelist of the OL parameters?

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Seems to be legitimately in HTML5 [ ] (but not all browsers support it).

Seems like a sensical thing to add.

Marking as an "easy" bug, as reversed just has to be added to the list of allowed attributes for ol, in includes/Sanitizer.php

Change 254672 had a related patch set uploaded (by PlasmaPower):
Added reversed as acceptable attribute for ol

Change 254672 merged by jenkins-bot:
Added reversed as acceptable attribute for ol

Thanks. As I don't follow release notes and dates about MediaWiki releases, can someone please notify me (it can be here) when 1.27 is fully deployed, so I can start using this feature?

If you're asking about Wikimedia wikis, it should be deployed already. has the dates, version 1.27.0-wmf.8 (as tagged by @ReleaseTaggerBot above) was deployed to all wikis on Thursday, 10 December 2015.

Ah, thank you! I really don't have experience with these informations... I soon will start using then.