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Evaluate [[mw:Wikimedia Engineering]] Portal
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Gather input and feedback on the accessibility of

Goal: Determine the page's effectiveness (do users know where it is? Is the information they see in it useful? Does it help users get to and learn about products and projects they may have an interest in learning about or getting feedback on?

Can also consider all the segments of the pages linked here, but primarily want to ensure that it's an effective location for communities to get good information around product and engineering projects.

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What is the problem this task aims to solve?

I don't think is a relevant page these days, but I agree that not having a clear, useful and updated landing page is a problem. has been receiving some love, but it hasn't become THE landing page either.

Is anyone planning to work on this task during March?

Qgil added a comment.Mar 8 2016, 10:40 AM

We should clarify this task by the end of March, and if there is not a clear need then decline it.

Bad cop: Which "users"/"communities" care (or why would they care) about WMF's internal org/structure and be aware of their internal naming like "Engineering group" or "Product group"?
If I'm curious and interested in finding out or following work on project XYZ I'll search for XYZ, no matter which team, department, group, or <insert word here> performs that work.
If I already know a certain team/dept is working on XYZ, I'll look up that team/dept instead. I don't know when I'd ever start explore/discover on WMF's "group" level.

PS: Seeing the task summary I thought of a page for any engineers, like the Developer Hub. Not about some WMF stuff.

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