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It should be possible to turn off link previews on desktop
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If a user doesn't like link previews they can opt out of link previews.

Suggested: "Don't show this again" text shows at bottom of the popup and it can be toggled on/off in mobile settings
Needed: Design showing how

see: T113242 for same on mobile

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Isn't this already possible through (1) the beta features panel, (2) the settings icon on the Hovercard?

Hi @Prtksxna good to 'hear' your voice again :)

While it is true one can turn off hovercards in the popup themselves, we need a place in settings (for turning it back on, for one thing). Once we move the feature out of beta, that will no longer be the place where people turn it on or off.

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@JKatzWMF The confusion here, is partially because the task description here is just a copy&paste of the mobile task... ;-)

What Prtksxna is referring to, is the already existing method of turning Hovercards on and off, on desktop, that even works for logged-out users (e.g. if the wiki has hovercards enabled by default for everyone). I.e. Click the settings/"cog" icon on a hovercard, and you can opt-out from there. See screenshots at for how a logged-out user can opt-back-in.
This is exactly the same way that works.

@Quiddity yes, we are trying to think of link preview and hovercards as the
same thing (they should probably all be classified under the link preview
name, though- hovercards is a specific delivery mechanism, while link
preview speaks to the user value)

I stand corrected on whether or not a user can opt back in to hovercards on
desktop. However, I do not think that a settings at the bottom of the page
is a reasonable solution for a stable feature...people look in 'settings'

[...] However, I do not think that a settings at the bottom of the page is a reasonable solution for a stable feature...people look in 'settings' menus.

There have been a few ideas about how to give some minimal set of preferences to logged-out users, particularly those around accessibility. I threw together a wireframe and many notes a while ago. An older version contained "Enable popups" - see!Wireframe_of_Appearance_menu.png - I only took it out to give a simpler MVP version of the idea. ;-) The latest (simplified) version is on phab at M17. Also, at the Lyon hackathon, May and Prateek worked on a potential-gadget version, and you can see code-details and screencast-video at T91201#1652404

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feature already exists, live on beta