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item labels not updating cleanly on Wikidata Sparql service
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It seems that when a label is changed, the value isn't always updated cleanly in the Blazegraph database, which will sometimes return both the old label and the new label.

For example,

PREFIX wd: <>

    SELECT ?p ?lang ?o WHERE { 
         wd:Q1006876 ?p ?o .
         BIND (lang(?o) AS ?lang)            

Here for Q1006876 there are three 'en'-language labels returned, "UK borough", "borough in the UK", and "borough in the United Kingdom", when there should only be the latter. This has now been the case for a number of weeks.

Similarly, Q21497886 (label edited this evening) is now also showing two en-language labels

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It seems there is an issue with updating things in general!

Also now sometimes seeing this for Commons category (P373)

eg this query, for Q7981506:

PREFIX wd: <>
PREFIX wdt: <>

    SELECT ?item ?commonscat WHERE { 
         BIND (wd:Q7981506 AS ?item) .           
         ?item wdt:P373 ?commonscat .

Should only return "Equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington, Glasgow"

However, it is also returning "Wellington Monument, Glasgow", a previous value that was changed on 16th November (diff).

It can go away, if the property value is deleted & then re-created -- eg Q17535092, Q17532740, Q17551225, which all did have spurious duplicates, but are now fine since I have edited them a few minutes ago.

Not sure if this is the same issue as the thing that specifically affects labels, or whether this is a different case of updates being dropped (eg when the server was under pressure).