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Provide a means to give an example "stub" link in "stubthreshold" message
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Author: robchur

It would be nice if users could see what a "stub link" looked like when setting
a stub threshold in their preferences. The "stubthreshold" message, used as a
label for the relevant option, is being treated as plain text.

Either we'll need to enable HTML for that message (which reignites a dangerous
precedent), or we'll want to provide some nifty workaround.

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: enhancement



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Reverted in r22303

Adding a class for the example is not only ugly, it's fragile -- customizations to the actual threshold will have no effect on the sample.
The sensible thing is to construct an actual bit of sample text using the actual classes -- a null link (<a href="#">) with appropriate class would show the effect nicely and be robust to customizations.

robchur wrote:

Fixed again using a much simpler, cleaner method in r22740.