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Bot shouldn't reply to !op with a help message
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At the moment, wm-bot responds to stalkwords.

!ops is used in an attempt to summon channel operators, and isn't usually intended to interact with wm-bot, so its help message is an unexpected outcome, and might exacerbate a problem by adding to the noise of a disruptive user.
We should consider adding an exception to !ops and other related words, such as !admin and !steward, or perhaps moving the 404 response behind a command to make an accidental trigger less likely (e.g. !help ops).

Example, taken from a Wikimedia channel recently:

12:34:56 < AzureDiamond> !ops
12:34:57 < wm-bot> There is no such key, you probably want to try: !anonnotice, !oversight, !svnprops, !opsschool, !ternary,
12:35:02 < AzureDiamond> !op
12:35:03 < wm-bot> There is no such key, you probably want to try: !@, !anonnotice, !bestcase, !bureaucracy, !cms, !cookies, !copyhelp, !copying, !copyinghelp, !copytemplates, !credit, 
                   !developer, !developers, !devsecurity, !documentation, !draft, !emailconfirmed, !errors, !events, !externaleditor, !f5, !filesize, !gsocapp, !HAL, !help, !highlight, 
                   !hosting, !html, !i18n, !importhelp, !install, !javascript, !ldap, !ldapdebug, !ldapsupport, !logo, !meetings, !modera

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