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Uploads fail with verification-error due to incorrect timeout handling
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GWT returns the following error:
10:13, 19 November 2015 Swiss National Library (talk | contribs) mediafile job failed. Metadata record 2. <verification-error> original URL: evaluated URL:

tried it twice with the same xml-file, today and yesterday

Yesterday it returned the following error:
15:20, 18 November 2015 Swiss National Library (talk | contribs) mediafile job failed. Metadata record 3. This file did not pass file verification. original URL: evaluated URL:

It returns the same error for all pictures linked in the xml.
Uesed xml ist the folowing:

Pictures are uploaded here:

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I have tried to reproduce that bug with an ever simplified version of the XML including only the row with "GS-GUGE-FREUDENBERGER-A-1". In my case it fails too with an other error:

17:46, 23 December 2015 Kelson (talk | contribs) mediafile job failed. Metadata record 1. HTTP request timed out. original URL: evaluated URL:

I have reproduced the problem many times and I can see server side that everything goes right up to 90s after the beginning of the GET request. Then the transfer is stopped, probably by Mediawiki. It looks like that the overall request max lifetime for this download-by-url seems to be set to 90s and is obviously too short. We are as a consequence impacted by T86024.

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We should really try to fix this in the next times because we have a whole GLAM upload/GLAM partner stuck because of that bug.

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There's a bug in WikiChecks::increaseHTTPTimeout().

It increases the timeout incorrectly. As a result the wrong timeout is applied to gwtoolset. Thus when we set the other timeouts to 90 seconds, it started overriding gwtoolset's limit, which its not supposed to.

Instead gwtoolset should pass its custom limit to fetchFile() method of UploadFromUrl (Which it calls from UploadHandler::uploadMediaFileViaUploadFromUrl() ). GWToolset should not try to override global variables.

Thank you very much for your feedback and your analysis on that bug. Do you think you or someone else will get a chance to fix it within a few weeks? Would that be complicated?

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Really surprising to see you there too! But would be really really helpful if you achieved to deal with that we have at least two GLAM institutions currently stuck/braked in their upload project due to that bug. Feel free to contact me if you need a tester.

@Kelson yeah I like mixing up the tasks I do :). Once there are some non-beginner kiwix tasks I will do some more of those :)

Change 263142 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mhutti1):
Fixed verification-error due to incorrect timeout handling

Change 263142 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fixed verification-error due to incorrect timeout handling

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