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Reproduce the data needed for Wikidata:Statistics pie chart in an automated way
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I don't want to start looking at the Lua that looks like it is generating this chart...

The chart shows the spread of P31/P279 throughout all wikidata items.

I believe this should be trivial to recreate using SPARQL.

SELECT (count(distinct(?s)) AS ?scount) WHERE {?s wdt:P31 wd:Q5}


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The question is do we generally want to track the number of statements for each property or only for this specific use case?

We might even be able to do this from some links table rather than from SPARQL

It should be noted in the other dash we were tracking for all of them !

I am mostly interested in this particular usecase - so tracking how many items we have for the biggest categories of entities.

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Change 255975 had a related patch set uploaded (by Addshore):
Add instanceof tracking script

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Add instanceof tracking script

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Done, rough graph has been added to for now (although this dash needs cleaning up)