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[Task] Move wbentity JSON to the end of the HTML
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  • An average ADSL connection is downloading stuff at 6 MBit/s. That's about 0.7 MiB/s.
  • gzip compresses our JSON down to about 15 %. I used to calculate this number.
  • Maximum, worst-case blob size is 2 MiB.

2 MiB * 15 % / 0.7 MiB/s = 0.4 seconds. Thats how long a user have to wait before the browser can start parsing and displaying some HTML. This is obviously more on slower connections, probably about 2 seconds on very slow cable and mobile connections.

My conclusion: I think we have bigger bottlenecks to fix first, mostly in JavaScript.

thiemowmde added a comment.EditedJan 26 2016, 2:32 PM

We talked about this during story time.

  • The idea came up to remove the wbEntity blob on mobile, because it does not allow editing at all. To do: Create a ticket for this.
  • The idea came up to replace the string with actual JavaScript. (Note that the wbEntity variable should also be renamed then.) Would this improve loading time? To do: Investigate if this is worth it, because it will break a lot of gadgets and user code. The improvement should be significant.
  • Moving the JSON down means you would see the page faster, but you have to wait the exact same time for all edit buttons to become available. This means there is a longer time these buttons open the special page.
  • Therefor we decided to not do this at the moment.
Lydia_Pintscher closed this task as Declined.Feb 1 2016, 3:02 PM
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Declining because unlike we hoped it'll likely make the situation worse instead of better for the editors.