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Promotion of the Newsletter extension
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Before Newsletter's deployment it would be super nice if we could have authors of known newsletters and other users of newsletters give us feedback on the extension. This would help us in knowing the public opinion, necessity of new features and also in promoting the extension. The audience would be the same as the one we had for stakeholder outreach (T100604) earlier.


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If we can make a standard message which we should be posting to the wiki pages, this can make up for a possible Google-Code-In-2015 task under Documentation/Outreach.

Yes, as long as the message insists that any feedback should be posted [somewhere centralized that we can watch].

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Although the extension is available since today in, it only makes sense to promote it among publishers of existing newsletters after T110645: Interwiki support for Newsletter extension is solved.

@Qgil I proposed using the Newsletter Extension for The Signpost publication at the English Wikipedia. The proposal didn't recieve much feedback or really any opposes. I'm not sure where to go from here in actually trying to get it on the wiki. Would it be ready for enwiki to use it?

Please see the previous comment by Qgil. Also, per the extension is unmaintained so I'd be reluctant to deploy it to further wikis as it would increase technical debt.

Hmm. Its a bit sad to see that the extension remains unmaintained. I used to develop on it back in the days, and I think I finally have more free time these days. I will take a look at open tasks and the code reviews soon and see if I still can manage it.

@Aklapper I don't think interwiki support should be a requirement to deploy it to enwiki. That doesn't really make sense. Anyone can still subscribe to it from enwiki and recieve notifications from any wiki they are using. The extension is already successfully being used on for Wikimedia development updates.

@Lectrician1: See the second sentence in my last comment

So the extension is just going to sit here and not be used for all of the possible use cases above until some WMF team decides to maintain it?

The extension is used on meta. Creating more maintenance costs (by deploying to more wikis) without having any active maintainers isn't a good idea and leads to potentially more frustration. Maintainers don't necessarily have to be a "WMF team", in my understanding.