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Enable "patrol" privilege for non-sysop users in it.wikibooks
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Hello. In it.wikibooks only sysops can patrol edits. Unfortunately, there are
only 5 sysops in it.wikibooks. So, can you activate the "patrol" privilege for
all users please? Thank you


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Severity: enhancement



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river wrote:

can you show some discussion where the community wants it changed?

darkdiablo wrote:

Yes, of course! Here's the link Wikibooks:Bar#Verifica_delle_modifiche_2 . Thank you so much for solving the bug you're our hero :)

river wrote:

i enabled it for all users, since that's what you asked for. on it.wikipedia, it's enabled for autoconfirmed users only. please say if you'd rather it was configured that way.

darkdiablo wrote:

Uhm probably something went wrong because it doesn't function now! We'll prefer if the tool is enabled only for registered user. Thanks.

river wrote:

is it working properly now?

darkdiablo wrote:

It works perfectly ;), many thanks.