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topic-title-wikitext conversion error when non-privileged user edits deleted topic
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I'm not sure what happened before, but this symptom is from the topic title change.

Exception Caught: Conversion from 'topic-title-wikitext' to 'html' was requested, but this is not supported.

Edit a previous post: An error occurred.<br />The error message received was: internal_api_error_Flow\Exception\WikitextException

Reported by @Etonkovidova at T119156 . Her steps:

While verifying T116095: Ensure users can not access topics from deleted boards via Varnish caching found this edge case:

  1. Log in as a non-privileged user and go to any Flow board page.
  2. Log in as Admin and go to the same Flow page that a non-privileged user is currently viewing.
  3. Admin deletes a topic - a non-privileged user attempts to edit or to post a reply to a deleted topic. A user receives quite few error messages (some of them malformed) and none of them is helpful.

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4/11/16, the Triage Team asks, Is this reproducible? If not, please send to backlog.

Reply is fixed: I get "You cannot reply because this topic has been deleted."

For edit-topic-title or edit-post, I get a useless (to the user) message: "An error occurred. The error message received was: vppermissions" when the form loads.

When saving the topic title edit form, I get "The prev_revision parameter must be set".

However, I don't see this one, so I'll merge it into the other task.