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Surface the number of views for suggested and completed translations
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The number of views an article has, can be useful to surface its impact. Now that an API is available (example) to get page views, we can consider to surface that information in different places:

Suggested pages
As illustrated in the mockup below, we can show some badges for relevant ranges of page views. We need to define which ranges those are but I think it is more useful to highlight frequently viewed article rather than providing a very specific number for all suggestions that users need to process. These page views are based on the source article so they are just an estimation on how interesting the article could be.

Translated pages
For the pages the user created we can include the specific value of the views it got. In this context it makes sense to show an exact value since it is about the specific content the user created. We still need to evaluate if it is possible to show all vies since the article was published or we need to have some time limits (e.g., "X views this month").

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Base on recent research, in addition to the number of views, there are other additional factors we can consider surfacing to help users pick a suggestion: how often the page is requested (number of red links pointing to it), and the number of languages in which the page is already available.