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Allow autoconfirmed users to report edits to oversighters
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This might be similar to the thanks extension, but instead with regard to problematic edits that should be reported to oversighters for hiding.

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It would be great, if you can give a short reason for that request. The problem might be spamming with such requests, so I prefere if we implementate a right for such a request, so that you can limit using this extension.

It'd be a good idea, yes. However there are few concerns:

  • Spamming, as Luke said above.
  • What happens on wikis without local oversighters?
    • There should be a way to report those to local oversighters.
    • Not installing this on wikis without local oversighters might be another option.
  • Maybe not suitable for complex oversight requests where more than one edit is in need of suppression or the user needs to elaborate.

Yes there should be a useright, and a rate limit as well.

If there are no local oversighters, it should likely be reported to stewards on WMF wikis, or any global group with the ability to suppress edits. (I think cross-wiki notifications are available now.)

The intent here is to increase the response time to edits that ought to be suppressed, and make the system for reporting these more accessible and easier to use.

The notification would point to a special page with a way to mark the notification as closed, which would have the effect to mark as read the notification for all oversighters, not just the one closing it.

The special page from which the report is made could ask the user to send an email to oversighters in case of complex reports, if there is such a system, or notify stewards in some other way.

We may also have such a reporting system for users rather than edits, a user may be reported to admins (who have opted-in) for blocking, or if there is none to global admins. This should definitely be for clear-cut cases of abuse, and may be quite useful on small wikis.

On WMF wikis at least, each project with oversighters decides how they want to intake such requests to their workflow - it is certainly not consistent, by choice. Would this replace all of the other systems with some sort of of-wiki workflow (akin to perhaps the globalrenamequeue)?