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Pageview API demo doesn't list be-tarask
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The demo at does not list the be-tarask Wikipedia (and no other hyphenated domain Wikipedia).

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It's been a while. When do be-tarask users get to use the demo? It is a larger and more active wiki than many of the non-hyphenated wikis in the drop down.

I realize this isn't high-priority per se, but it's also probably a fairly trivial fix. Just an estimated timeline for a fix as distinct from just "in the general backlog" would be good to know.

We've been pondering this, @Ijon. I'm leaning towards declining it because this really was just a simple demo and proper support for *all* projects is not trivial (our project codes, dbnames, and host names don't map to each other in any trivial way). So I think this is out of scope for the demo but we are planning on releasing and maintaining a proper replacement to Such a tool would fix this and other shortcomings of the demo.

I'll leave this open so you have a chance to disagree, but basically the argument is that it's not worth putting effort into a temporary thing since the replacement should be coming relatively soon and the data is also available from the raw api:

Agreed with @Milimetric, our demo is just a showcase of what you can do with Api and it has many shortcomings,.We are planning on developing tools that are more robust.

Speaking of a proper robust tool, check out this class of 10 students that's about to tackle the problem: T120497 !!

It's worth noting that the API itself does include be-tarask data (I just checked it). Agreed on the need for a replacement. Began idly noodling on one using the stats.grok source code, actually.