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Fix async upload by url
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We have some support for async upload by url. It was disabled because people wanted to wait for echo, so we could have reasonable user notifications.

Users want to be able to upload files that are up to 1 GB big. Hard to do that when we have a very short time limit on the http request when operating in sync mode.

We have echo now. We should fix async upload by url. Possibly need to fix some bitrot too.

See T118887, r66438, r81612, r81612#c14654

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See also T77154.

Change 265646 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński):
Remove putrid remains of $wgAllowAsyncCopyUploads

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Fixed it by removing it.

Change 265646 merged by jenkins-bot:
Remove putrid remains of $wgAllowAsyncCopyUploads

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