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Accessibility of ULS language selector on mobile
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I've tried ULS (personal position) on mobile and I think that some browsers work better than others, but overall it's usable. (The tests were some time ago, I don't remember the details.)

Both the android browser and the Chrome mobile browser keep things rather small, though IIRC Chrome is smaller, always showing the full width of the page:

Screenshot_2015-09-22-17-22-02_Vector ULS android browser.png (854×480 px, 39 KB)

Screenshot_2015-09-22-17-25-49_Vector translate Chrome mobile.png (854×480 px, 189 KB)

After a click, Chrome mobile offers a zoom area for the clicked region, hence misclicking is nearly impossible:

Screenshot_2015-09-22-17-26-20_ULS Chrome mobile first click.png (854×480 px, 138 KB)

Once opened, the selector is shown in full width and hence quite small:

Screenshot_2015-09-22-17-26-26_ULS Chrome mobile open.png (854×480 px, 163 KB)

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Is there a specific request on this task?

Is there a specific request on this task?

I don't have requests for myself; extension maintainers can decide whether the situation described is satisfactory in their view.

Mobile frontend have their own language selector nowdays.

We are also updating the styling of both ULS and Special:Translate which hopefully make language selector easier to use.

There is also task for re-doing the language list on translatable pages, but that is not yet happening.