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[Task] Write integration tests that checks the configured handlers for data types.
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We need integration tests that make sure that the system's setup effectively leads to the correct handlers (formatters, parsers, validators, etc) to be returned for all well known data formats. The integration test should be cased on the respective factories returned by the top level service locator (OutputFormatSnakFormatterFactory, etc).

Rationale: when refactoring the wiring mechanisms for the services associated with data types, we want to be sure we are not breaking anything. In particular, we want to make sure that the correct validators are applied to input. We also need a way to check that the local setup, including any extensions that register new data types, don't break expected bahavior.

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@daniel I think this task requires a good knowledge of Wikidata architecture. As such, do you think it could be pitched as an Outreachy-13 3-month internship project?

The scope requirement is that it should take about 2-3 weeks for an experienced developer to complete.

We generally do not have only tests as projects, but having this could be a good offbeat example, as it requires understanding the testing mechanism and adding significant tests.

If yes, we can feature it for this round's Outreachy internship.

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Closing this to remove tasks from the board that havn't gotten any attention in a long time.

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