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Document active TPG projects - Kevin
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Continuous/ongoing and/or impractical to track in phab:

  • Community Tech engagement (retro facilitation; agile mini-workshops)
  • WMF Strategy facilitation (5 hrs/wk email, meeting facilitation)
  • TPG Strategy work
  • Phragile PO work
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@JAufrecht: Is this what you were looking for?

Yes. Do you have any discrete goals this quarter?

My phragile work contributes to the TPG graphing goal, and my TPG strategy work contributes to the TPG strategy goal. My CT work would fall into the "ad-hoc coaching" standing goal, and I suppose you could argue that my WMF strategy facilitation might as well.

I would think that the WMF strategy work should deserve its own milestone, because 1) it is more than 10% of your time (arbitrary but seems like a good threshold) and 2) its possible impact on staffing and meeting quarterly goals. If you add that to, is all of your work then either under one of those milestones or "Other"?

Based on a conversation with Joel, I updated so that all the work I described above now falls within one of the "milestones".