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dbstore1002.mgmt.eqiad.wmnet: "No more sessions are available for this type of connection!"
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This is not blocking me, but reporting because it could block a future reinstall/debugging/restarting.

When connecting though ssh to the management interface dbstore1002, connection fails with the error:

No more sessions are available for this type of connection!

Maybe you can do something from there?

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@jcrespo this will also require me to power off and remove power cables and drain flea power.

jcrespo changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Feb 9 2016, 7:14 PM

Let's block it for now, I will ping you back when I can setup with the users (analytics) a maintenance window.

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Changing Priority for now....@jcrespo update whenever we can make this happen

@jcrespo we need to fix this as well...both dbstore1001 and 1002 will required a hard reset...power down remove power and power back up.

I know, however, dbstore1002 cannot be easily restarted (unlike dbstore1001) without downtime scheduling with Analytics.

@jcrespo: I believe that we could simply decide when to perform maintenance and then communicate it a couple of days in advance to analytics@ and research@ (will take care of this).

@elukey Let's schedule one for 12 July, but only if @Cmjohnson can.

Finally scheduled from Thursday 21 July 14-15 UTC.

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Mentioned in SAL [2016-07-21T14:58:32Z] <jynus> stopping dbstore1002 for scheduled maintenace T119488

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