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OAuth integration for applicants
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We have talked in past years of the things that could be possible in the Wikimania Scholarships application if we had OAuth integration with the Wikimedia wikis. The new slimapp system that has been added as part of the the 2016 application update cycle makes the technical parts of the OAuth integration fairly easy, so 2017 may be the time to add this integration.

It would be up to the grants team if OAuth integration should be required or not once it was available. It should be technically feasible to implement it as either a required or optional step.

Once a user had authenticated to the app via OAuth we would be able to implement several features:

  • Ability to save draft applications (start now, come back later to finish).
  • Ability to update submitted application until application deadline.
  • Ability to auto-populate primary wiki and username from OAuth grant information.

If draft applications were implemented we should also have some way for applicants who had submitted a draft but not published it as the application deadline neared to be reminded that they had not yet completed their application.

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@bd808 Is this the library that we need to integrate

Yes, that would be my preferred library for OAuth in PHP. That library was originally part of wikimedia/slimapp directly and then later it was split out as an independent library so that it it could be used in other PHP projects.

The bash Toolforge tool (source) shows one way to integrate the mediawiki/oauthclient library with the wikimedia/slimapp to authenticate users. The implementation was done in these commits:

Change 398063 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nehajha; owner: Nehajha):
[wikimedia/wikimania-scholarships@master] Added Mediawiki OAuth for applicants

Change 404397 had a related patch set uploaded (by BryanDavis; owner: Bryan Davis):
[mediawiki/vagrant@stretch-migration] scholarships: Add OAuth provisioning

Change 404398 had a related patch set uploaded (by BryanDavis; owner: Bryan Davis):
[mediawiki/vagrant@master] scholarships: Add OAuth provisioning

Change 404397 abandoned by BryanDavis:
scholarships: Add OAuth provisioning

Cherry-picked to master

Change 404398 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/vagrant@master] scholarships: Add OAuth provisioning