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[Deepcat] improving search result list with more details for Wikimedia Commons
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Hi there! Thx for establishing "deepcat" as gadget: a nice tool [for me] for checking copyvios [at Wikimedia Commons] without needing to bounce from cat to cat.

Currently, the search result list of deepcat offers:

  • article name [in Commons: file name + thumb of the image]
  • 2 text lines [in Commons: 2 text lines outside of template "information"]
  • size in kb + amount of words [in Commons: resolution + size in kb]
  • date of last modification

I don't know if a crosswiki introduced gadget is able to adapt local [Commons] specifications. If not --> ok... we get on Commons, what we get :-) Nice tool, anyway.

But: If yes...

... do we have some processor time/capacity to display via deepcat in Commons also...

  • user name of the original uploader of the file (clickable)
  • date of upload (--> instead of date of last modification, which comes in lots of cases [talking about Commons] from bot-edits or from minor edits by other users regarding categorization etc.)
  • [suggest a new info relevant for Commons here]

... ??

Anyway, thx for the work. Have a happy time.

PS: 1st contact with Phabricator, so don't wonder... :-)

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Those could be useful, but DeepCat is only meant to make recursive search requests, not change or enhance the search results itself. So I do not think this is within the scope of DeepCat.

These could be feature requests for CirrusSearch. Might be more sensible to do it in a separate Gadget.
You could look if such a gadget has already been created or discuss it on the proposals page.

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