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Needs-Info tag
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We are about to change the "Needs Info" status (T212#19938 and following) for a more generic term that can accommodate RT's use case as well.

"Needs Info" has been requested for a long time in Bugzilla, and I think it is a very special case among the waiting/paused/etc tasks, because it expects an action from the reporter, or anybody else in the same situation.

For these reasons, a "Needs-Info" tag would be welcomed.

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Spontaneously I do not see a need for differentiation. "Needs info" is a subset of the "Waiting" or "Stalled" status. The name "Needs info" does not express who we expect an action from so it is waiting for somebody or stalled because of somebody. Hence people would need to read the corresponding comment for that status change anyway to find out why it "needs info" or is "waiting".

What's the gain / difference, and is it big enough?

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Meh, you are right. Declining.

Let's talk if after some time of Phabricator real use someone misses "Needs Info".

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