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Faebot is crashing labsdb1002
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See T123108: Unthrottle faebot for the request to unthrottle.

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Throttling connections of s51457 to 1 per user.

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As an example of the impact of the throttling, the "thanks report" has not been updated since its last run in August 2015. There was going to be a Signpost article about the thanks feature based on this information, but that's a non-starter now.

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@Fae: please create new tasks rather than re-using existing ones -- changing the task description is likely not to be noticed (the e-mail just states 'Fae edited the task description. Fae reopened this task as "Open".). A new task includes the description in the e-mail. I've opened T123108: Unthrottle faebot for your request.