As a user, I can see the picture of day in my feed
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Note, this doesn't involve tapping to go to gallery, see T119669


Home View, Scenario: Picture of the Day Section
Picture of The Day Item View

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Is it in I do not see the addition of the picture of day.

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Checked with

The screenshot is for iPhone6S+

These screenshots are from iPad mini:


  1. iPhone 5 iOS 9.02 - Today's picture is not shown upon update. Only upon clean install. Might be one time thing.
  2. 3D touch on iOS 6S+ crashes the app - filed as T119684: [] Crash with 3D touch on the picture of the day .

@BGerstle-WMF few things.

  • the picture is coming from commons photo of the day. I was thinking about wikipedia picture of the day
  • the header needs to go inside the picture. the spec for that is on the mock. the icons, font sizes and paddings are same as what you have here, it's just the picture needs to go behind the header. and have the same gradient that you are using on bottom (upside down though)

apart from that, this looks great though :)

Is the picture of the day gathered via some API calls? Wondering if there is some "best practice" to share in T63956: Better API for Picture of the Day?

@Aklapper just looked and there's already a comment describing the approach we're taking. That said, this is also part of a larger question we'd like to pose about how we curate & publish content in a standard way across wikis. For example, all of the Wikipedias have their own POTD (or something similar) which functions in a completely different way, same with featured articles, in the news, etc. The only task I can think of off the top of my head which might address this is T105845, which is essentially an RFC for more discrete "page components" that can separate data from presentation, which could allow us to query POTD metadata w/o having to scrape the page.

@Nirzar you're right, I did intend to do that but it requires some more feed refactoring, and wanted to get its current form in master so you guys could see it last weekend. My hunch is that you and @JMinor would rather be able to tap on the POTD at this point, so I'm going to work on T119669 before circling back to update the POTD feed section to match the spec. Sound OK?

@BGerstle-WMF Did you include the gradient at the bottom yet?

@KHammerstein it should be there, but I might've made it too light. Might be a good idea to expose a tweak to force different dates for POTD when testing. Do you think that would be helpful?

@BGerstle-WMF Yes seeing different dates would be really helpful!

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