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Investigate why disabling an uplink port did not deprioritize VRRP on cr2-eqiad
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During a hardware induced network outage, Mark disabled 1 out of 4 uplinks from asw-d-eqiad to cr2-eqiad (xe-5/2/1). However this did not result in an automatically lowered VRRP priority for the VRRP sessions for the affected VLANs, which is supposed to happen due to the VRRP track configuration. We should investigate and fix.

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It's actually working as designed. Our current configuration looks like:

track {
    interface ae4.1004 {
        bandwidth-threshold 20g priority-cost 50;
        bandwidth-threshold 30g priority-cost 30;

This states that if the bandwidth drops below 30G, a priority cost should be incurred. Because the normal bandwidth is 40G, and only one port was disabled, the new bandwidth became 30G, not enough to incur a priority cost.

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Resolving as per the above.