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RESTBase doesn't purge restored/recreated pages -> VisualEditor unable to edit restored/recreated pages
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With VisualEditor on the page

Put the prompt just after (à tester)
delete with successives backspace (à tester) up to the prompt disappear next to website (don't touch website - official website stays not highlight)

Then Save page
Then Resume editing

Then the wizard is completely blocked (and the page)

MAC OS 10.11.1 - Safari 9.0.1/Chrome 46.0 Reproductible : always

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I can't load that page for editing; RB seems to 404 on it?

Since somebody changed the article a very strange thing appears; When you edit the first contribution in the history with VisualEditor the article is completely blank but when you switch to wikitext the text is there :

I've made a new example for the first incident :

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Aha, so, I think this is the 'deletion' equivalent of T110152: RESTBase doesn't purge renamed page -> VisualEditor unable to create moved page. Sorry for the trouble.

The latest revision of that page at *is* accessible and should be editable in VE, so the issue seems to be specific to that revision. is readable however, so this must be some per-revision state in RESTBase's page_title storage blocking this.

Was this revision ever revdeleted or suppressed?

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After was deployed that shouldn't happen any more. Pages recreated before still wouldn't work properly and we can't do anything with that, but newer restored pages will work. Resolving.