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Update links everywhere from Bugzilla to Phabricator
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This will happen post-migration I imagine once we have better links for tasks and comments & so forth.

Maybe someone could write a bot for the obvious bug-linking cases and that'd make cleanup afterwords of more specialized links easier to look for and do by hand.

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To some smaller (bug management related pages) extent this is covered by T206 (and handled by me), and Template:Extension is covered in T168.
Everything else: Yeah, will be work. :(

After seeing the huge amont of work that @Aklapper is doing at T206: Update Bug Management related documentation on wiki pages; potentially add "might be outdated" banner, I wonder whether we still to keep this task open.

As Phabricator team we have covered all the pages and templates that have some official status, and we have also worked on the automatic redirects fro Bugzilla URLs. The rest could be done by editors (including ourselves) when finding those old links.

Aklapper claimed this task.

Yeah, this needs a volunteer if anybody wants to work on this and if this task should really stay open.
We have the core docs pretty well updated (T206) and redirects in place (T40).

I'm closing this as declined as "everywhere" as a scope sounds rather unfixable to me, after ten years of Bugzilla and links to it in many many places.