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Sticky headers for expanded campaigns
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Content translations shows lists of articles as suggestions. Initially only two articles are shown, but users can expand them. For long lists, that is a problem since the user may need a lot of scroll to close them again.

This ticket proposes to:

  • For expanded lists, keep the header of the list sticky at the top as the user scrolls.
    • (optional) if possible we should make the header sticky only if the expanded list is higher than the current viewport.
  • Include an icon in the list headers to indicate the expanded/collapsed status (view icon files below).

You can try it in this prototype. I captured what happens when you expand the "Wiki Loves Nature" campaign and start scrolling.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 15.13.38.png (659×1 px, 331 KB)

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Currently there is some very basic support for campaigns in Content Translation. It is not very visible because campaigns need to be created by hand based on a category. We identified this as an aspect to improve for campaigns with a large number of articles. So i think the ticket is still relevant, even if the designs need to be updated to catch up with more of the recent changes.