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Implement basic Collections, visible only to the current user.
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Summary / Rationale

This will implement the fundamental functionality in the Android app to create and manage "collections". The current notion of "saved pages" will merge with the more general notion of collections. Roughly speaking, as the user browses articles, he/she will have options to add the article to a new or existing collection. The user will also have a new navigation item of "Collections," where all of the user's collections would be listed and be managed. All of the user's collections would be linked with their Wikipedia account, meaning that the collections will be accessible from any device where the user logs in.

Goal Visibility

Reading internal goal

Success Metrics

Still being finalized, but the metrics will be based on engagement with the Saved Pages feature

External Dependencies

This depends on either the existing Gather API or an entirely new API that needs to be created.


What should be the app's behavior when the user wants to create a collection without having logged in with their Wikipedia account?
What kind of onboarding should we have for this feature?

Product Plan


See dependent tasks.


See mockups in dependent tasks.

Metrics Implementation

We are already instrumenting saved pages, so we will be able to measure the impact of this feature on the usage of saved pages.

Timeline Estimate

List estimates below. These do not have to be exact. These are just used to validate proposed timelines and ship dates.

Prototyping1 week
User Testing2 weeks
Mockups2 weeks
Development2 weeks
Beta Testing1 week
  1. Delivery Estimate

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