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Enable Huggle on ro.wp
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Please enable Huggle for Romanian Wikipedia (rowiki).

Initial configuration << done
Create whitelist << done
Insert to meta << done
Translate Project:Huggle << done
Translate Project:Huggle/Message << done
Translate warn-N templates << done

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Hello, please do following:

Translate Project:Huggle
Translate Project:Huggle/Message
Translate warn-N templates

You should also localize all revert reasons in Project:Huggle/Config

Ok now can you give me the list of these templates your translated so that they can be inserted?

Sorry for late response, I believe it should actually work OK now, except Wikipedia:Huggle/Message is missing

I pulled huggle from git and installed it, but rowiki does not appear anywhere in the login form.

You need to hit the reload button that will download a fresh list of sites where you can login to