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Create a report interface for PageAssessments
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Once we have the WikiProject assessment data in the database, it would be nice to have a dedicated report interface for it. Something similar to:

This would be implemented as a Special page (Special:PageAssessments). The initial view would be a form (see that allows the user to enter the following parameters:

  • Project
  • Page namespace
  • Page title

(No filtering by importance or quality yet.) The interface should be able to accept any combination of these inputs.

The results should be output as a table with the following info: Project, Page, Importance, Class, Timestamp. The Page Name should link to the current version of the page and the Timestamp should link to the specific revision that was assessed. The results should be paginated with the TablePager class (

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Should the namespace search field exclude/include non-talk namespaces based on $wgPageAssessmentsOnTalkPages? (i.e. if assessments are only allowed on talk pages, only show talk namespaces in the dropdown.)

@Samwilson: You don't need to worry about $wgPageAssessmentsOnTalkPages. That's only for telling PageAssessments where to look for assessments. The namespace search field should always exclude talk pages, however, since talk pages are never assessed.

I was under the impression that only pages in Main namespace are ever assessed.

@Niharika: Categories, Portals, Project pages, and Templates can also be "assessed" by WikiProjects, although such assessments normally don't include class or importance ratings and are really just statements that they are under the purview of a project. See, for example, this query. We basically want to match the behavior of that page, which supports queries for all non-Talk namespaces.

I ran a quick query for distinct namespaces for 8 million pages in page_assessments table:

MariaDB [enwiki_p]> select distinct page_namespace from (select * from page_assessments limit 8000000) p1 join page p2 on p1.pa_page_id=p2.page_id;
| page_namespace |
|              0 |
|            100 |
|              4 |
|             12 |
|             10 |
|              6 |
|             14 |
|              2 |
|            118 |
|              8 |
|            108 |
|            710 |
|            828 |
13 rows in set (3 min 2.43 sec)

Change 324657 had a related patch set uploaded (by Samwilson):
Add new special page for searching assessments

Hm, it sounds like it's not very performant to query for the namespaces with assessments then. It won't shorten the list by all that much anyway. The patch I've just submitted (which isn't ready for review) just shows subject namespaces.

Other question: is it worth having autocomplete on the project and page name fields? Alternatively, do we want to support the regex searching that the enwp10 tool does?

Let's save auto-complete for a follow-up. I don't think the regex searching is that important, so we can skip that too.

Okay, sure.

In that case I'd love you to have a look at what I've done so far as see if it's on the right track. Searching, sorting, and transcluding should all be functioning.

The project and page title searches are case-sensitive at the moment; is this okay?

Change 324657 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add new special page for searching assessments