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Incomplete but functioning template output results in broken Share a Fact images
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This appears to apply to all versions of the app.

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<p><span class="error" style="display:none">HIDDEN ERROR: Usage of "past names and nick names" is not recognized</span></p>
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Thanks for clarifying @dr0ptp4kt. The previous ticket made it seem like a product definition issue (should user pages allow share a fact?) rather than a bug. This looks more specifically like broken expectation.

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Unable to repro - the hidden error is no longer rendered by the old version of the page

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no longer reproducible

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Thanks. I'm not sure if something changed in a Scribunto module or somewhere in extension land, but it doesn't seem like it's really turning up on enwiki source, at least - there are some Village Pump discussions on this.

Closure of the ticket seems fine. For posterity's sake, @TheDJ @MrStradivarius do you happen to know if anything changed to prevent this sort of thing from happening again in the HTML output?

TheDJ added a comment.Feb 20 2019, 2:23 PM

This happens when a template usage triggers a template’s checks.

As these tend to get cleaned up eventually, its likely this is indeed a temporary effect.

Okay, so based on @TheDJ feedback @JMinor it seems the issue may surface in fleeting edge case scenarios. Of course some would say making those errors visible is a feature, not a bug. Anyway, obviously this is your area for prioritization.