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Make it easier to cite different pages from a book as one reference
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See also T100645: Efficient way to refer to different pages of the same work when adding references to an article (#17) and T15127: Page number attribute for <ref> tags, which may overlap/duplicate.

When I cite different pages from a book within an article, I have to cite the book separately multiple times. We have a "reuse citation" functionality that also works very well in VisualEditor but not for different pages from the same book. See Phabricator tasks phab:T100645 and phab:T15127. Thanks,

--Gnom (talk) 10:07, 12 November 2015 (UTC)

This card tracks a proposal from the 2015 Community Wishlist Survey:

This proposal received 40 support votes, and was ranked #24 out of 107 proposals.

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I've been asked to look at this task for a quick assessment of difficulty.

Though there could be a number of superficially-appealing ways to hack this in (including with an additional parameter on <ref> tags for multiply-used sources), I think at this point adding more complexity to the inline referencing model would be a mis-use of resources, and they could be more effectively used as part of the larger work on creating a structured references mostly being pioneered by @Daniel_Mietchen. Daniel, do you have any thoughts?

This looks like an interesting project to work on for GSoc. Is anyone willing to mentor this project?

For clarity, I think this would be a very very bad idea for a GSoC project.

I find this report extremely unclear as regards the requirements, so I'm merging it to the previous one which is clearer to understand and has less clutter.

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