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Merge the content translation and the visual editor to one tool
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This card tracks a proposal that's currently part of the Community Wishlist Survey:

The Wishlist Survey voting phase lasts until Dec 14th. After the voting has concluded, the top proposals will form the backlog for the Community Tech team to investigate and address.


The concept of the content translation is very good. The largest editions of wikipedia (especially the english) are main source for articles in other languages. But in the current form of the Content Translation, you can only translate an article, but cannot add information from other sources, add local tamplates, or even change/add media files, until you publish the article. My suggestion is to merge the content translation and the visual editor into one tool, in which translating would be an option.

בנימין (talk) 15:16, 10 November 2015 (UTC)

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Yes, technically it's exactly that.

If it's comfortable for @DannyH to manage this as a separate Phab task, I'm fine with keeping it. But if T105447 can be used for that, I'd be happy to see them merged.

I was setting up all the wishlist survey proposals as separate cards so that we could have discussion on them without interrupting other people's work. :) But if it's bothersome, I'll close this and just put the other ticket on the Wishlist Survey board.