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Education Program interface changes
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As an educator who uses the Education Program page, I'd like the following changes to happen:

  1. Special:Students is pretty useless ([3]). It should be made sortable, but even more important, filterable: I want to use it to see only MY students. And all of them, not a batch of 50 or whatever is the locked in length of table on that page.
  1. Special:MyCourses needs an archive, an option to auto-collapse student entries and to select the length of days one wants to display on the front page. For now it is sadly a page me and my students always skip, with a sigh as it is pretty useless. It is particularly problematic if one has several courses; I currently have four, and this is a mess, as some students show in 2+ course listings, the one I want is not usually at the top, etc. Also, the student activity should show their edits outside English Wikipedia (I have my students edit Korean Wikipedia, for example).
  1. Student's list of articles (ex. at [4]) should support articles outside English Wikipedia; I have students edit articles on Korean Wikipedia and Wikivoyage, but we cannot create hyperlinks there.# I'd like to be able to sort students on that page into teams, probably with colors and names.
  1. I'd like that page to be sortable (by article, student's name, team)
  1. I'd like that page to have a place where you can add student's real name/student number. It's a pain when students register with nicknames, and I have to keep a separate list of who they are.# I'd like to have some sort of progress track for each article/student/group. Ex. students are required to submit an outline on the article's talk page, or make an edit, or ask for a review, or whatever. I'd like to be able to define those, with deadlines, for each course, and have checkboxes display next to each student/group/article entry.
  1. That list should have a collapsed by expandable box for their recent edits (like on Special:MyCourses), and I'd like it to display the number of each student edits in the last week or so.

--Piotrus (talk) 04:49, 12 November 2015 (UTC)

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