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extension.json schema does not allow doubles as values of config settings
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					"type": ["object", "array", "string", "integer", "null", "boolean"],

is the current validation type list of "config" values. We need to set "number" instead of "integer". But since we accept every value, lets just get rid of the type check entirely.

This was noticed by the RelatedArticles extension, which has:

	"config": {
		"RelatedArticlesShowReadMore": false,
		"RelatedArticlesUseCirrusSearch": false,
		"RelatedArticlesOnlyUseCirrusSearch": false,
		"RelatedArticlesLoggingSamplingRate": 0.01

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Change 257058 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
registration: Remove type validation for "config" items

Change 257058 merged by jenkins-bot:
registration: Remove type validation for "config" items