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Improve counting on Punjabi Wiktionary
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The tool used to count entries on Punjabi wiktionary does not seems to be right. We have created many entries in the past but the total number is not equivalent to the contribution.

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Hi @satdeep_gill, thanks for taking the time to report this! Please follow the steps on and associate a project plus provide clear steps to reproduce the problem. Thanks!

Reedy added a subscriber: Reedy.Dec 5 2015, 2:48 PM

What do you mean by entries? for example has "content pages" and "pages".

What counts as a content page can be varied. So can the counting method, see$wgArticleCountMethod

Also, what do you think the value should be? Is it out by a lot? Or out by a little?

If you can tell us what number you are looking at, we can try and help ascertain what's wrong, and as such, how to improve it

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Nemo_bis added a subscriber: Nemo_bis.EditedDec 5 2015, 3:10 PM

An ultra-scientific ;) Special:Random survey shows that 8/15 pages in main namespace do not contain any link. 4/8 pages without any link are in a category, and 3/7 pages with a link did not have any blue link.

Depending on whether categorylinks and redlinks are counted (I don't remember right now; I think no and yes respectively), and ignoring for a moment that Special:Random isn't really random, this would mean that between 27 % and 73 % of the pages are not "countable". Special:Statistics declares there are 363 articles out of 1496 pages, which matches the observation. WikiStats says 547 articles in October 2015 because it doesn't tell categorylinks and redlinks from other wikilinks, and this also matches the observations.

So it seems the article count is working as expected: can't you just add more links? Special:DeadEndPages is the killer feature for the purpose.

I have not counted the exact number of entries but the number was around 294 in October 2015. We have created more than 100 entries and it has come to only 363. I guess there must be something wrong. This is the reason i don't know have any steps to reproduce the problem.

I just checked the number of pages by using AWB. It says 655. I think we can discard a few pages. According to this the total number should be around 600 i guess.

Reedy added a comment.Dec 5 2015, 3:39 PM

Per Nemo above, a lot of your pages don't contain any onward links. So they therefore aren't included in the counts

I added a few links and the article count increased as expected. If there is some special rule locally which forbids linking, let us know.

That is an interesting thing to know. I will make sure to add links. Thanks a lot for this useful information and there is no special rule forbidding links.

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