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Review pull requests from jquery.ime upstream
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Hi @KartikMistry, thanks for starting this. @Amire80 actually has the email for the correct IME for as-rodali as Gunadeep, the developer faced a lot of problem in forking and submitting the request. He finally could not submit it from GitHub and sent an email to Amir.
The Odia ones are correct.

Hi @KartikMistry, please find the updated layout for Rodali at I have also forwarded Gunadeep's email for verification. Thanks.

I have reviewed all 3 pull requests. Can you please update them (403 and 408), so that I can merge?

Hi @KartikMistry, can you ignore 403 and 408 and use instead? As it was showing problem for mine, another Odia Wikimedian Gyan111 fixed both or-odiscript and or-lekhani. Can they be rebased now?