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Non-existing skin names
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Author: alefzet

In array:

$skinNames = array(
'standard' => 'Classic',
'nostalgia' => 'Nostalgia',
'cologneblue' => 'Cologne Blue',
'davinci' => 'DaVinci',
'mono' => 'Mono',
'monobook' => 'MonoBook',
'myskin' => 'MySkin',
'chick' => 'Chick'

specified 'mono' and 'davinci' skin names in English messages file, plus 'smarty','montparnasse' in German, and may be in other languages, doesn't related to existed skins in current MediaWiki software.
IMHO Its should removed from all languages.
And the existed 'simple' skin is not yet listed nowhere, but in Kazakh. I think 'simple' should included for all languages for name localization.

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: trivial



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